Program Overview

The FAC Dance Experience establishes a unique precedent in the Greenville dance community by developing multi-faceted dancers grounded in a stable and rooted foundation. This foundation serves the dancer not only across various dance genres but also supports them as they progress into the collegiate and/or professional world.

We believe in fostering student initiative and self-advocacy through the training and creative process, affirming accountability and self-determination.

FAC’s philosophy on dance training aims to cultivate young dancers with an appreciation for the lineage of classical ballet and traditional modern dance. 

Through the cooperation of the Peace Center and FAC Partners, our dance program offers a unique guest-artist platform. Choreographers of international renown conduct both long and short-term residencies that complement the program’s scope and vision for each dancer. Our faculty and guest artists identify the personal and technical needs that will nourish their growth and development.

At FAC Dance, we mentor young dancers’ personal development from a universal lens that is both holistic and harmonious with their aspirations for dance.


These programs are designed to nurture creativity, develop artistic skills, and foster a deeper appreciation for the arts.


  • Our program focuses on building a strong foundation in ballet, modern dance, and choreography.
  • Students have the opportunity to collaborate with guest artists, participate in master classes at our center and the prestigious Peace Center, and become members of the National Honors Society for Dance Arts.
  • Students are encouraged to showcase their talents at the National High School Dance Festival and local and national venues.


Our program site contains audition requirements, curriculum information, student work, resources and more.

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