Program Overview

The Theatre program at the Fine Arts Center prepares students intellectually, physically, emotionally, and imaginatively to succeed in the arenas of live theatre, original material, and on camera. Our students have succeeded in college programs, studio training programs, and in the professional world.

FAC Theatre offers three distinct courses, laboratory performances, student-led projects, and fully-produced shows.

We offer a foundational class that delivers the basics of theatre history, voice and body, acting, and ensemble creation.

In the Beginning Theatre Ensemble, students deepen their voice and body work, actor training, production experience, and begin to create a portfolio of work for industry and college auditions.

In the Advanced Theatre Ensemble, our training culminates in a fully-realized stage production, professionally-reviewed audition packages, a production of original material, and on-camera experience.

All Theatre students are encouraged to work in Greenville’s many local theatres and in their home high school programs. Field trips and guest artists add to a well-rounded theatrical education.


These programs are designed to nurture creativity, develop artistic skills, and foster a deeper appreciation for the arts.


  • Our cadre of professional faculty and visiting artists have what it takes to lead our students to success.
  • Our alumni get into great schools and go on to reach their goals.
  • Developed over 20 years, our curriculum gives our students the tools to succeed in all areas of theatre.
  • Every year, our students create, produce, and perform in professional-level productions.
Our program site will inform you about our faculty, guest artists, application requirements, productions, and curriculum. Check us out!

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